Conveniently Located just
​off Forest Drive at 
​25 Forest Lake Place
​Columbia, SC 29206

Brooklyn Mack
Former Student​​
International Ballet Star​
Trained by Radenko Pavlovich

​Gold Medalist – IBC Varna / Grand Prix - Turkey
Silver Medalist IBC Helsinki / Silver Medalist – IBC Jackson​
Ballet School

​​Koyo Yanagishima
​Gold medalist at VKIBC and WBC
​Trained by
​Radenko Pavlovich

Brianna Taylor
 finalist at VKIBC.
​Trained by Radenko Pavlovich​.
Lyn Tally
​Winner of the Princess Grace Award and
​special prize at Prix de Lausanne. ​​
Trained by Radenko Pavlovich​

                 The International Ballet Center
                          ​​​​Pavlovich Ballet School
                                       We make the most ​world gold medal winners 

Clement Guillaume
2018 Gold medalist at VKIBC

​Trained by
​Radenko Pavlovich

Starting now you can register for Fall Enrollment with Pavlovich Ballet School! Classes start August 6th! Please call or email for more information