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                       Pavlovich studio reborn​
She knelt humbled on the bare and soiled wood floor, broken and discouraged. Her tormenting sisters mocked her low estate. Such was the scene at the Koger Center for the Performing Arts several weeks ago as the Columbia Classical Ballet performed the famous Cinderella Ballet. Five months ago, the company and all the students and instructors at the Pavlovich Ballet School were brought to their knees by the angry flood waters of Gill’s Creek.

It appeared the lovely dancers would not be able to perform—where would they take class and rehearse for the “ball?” What would they wear? The spirits of the flood seemed to point their fingers and mock Radenko Pavlovich, the school’s director and artistic director of the Columbia Classical Ballet Company.
Shortly after the flood brought the studio to its knees, Radenko himself was laid low by a heart attack. The situation was very grim: “I never had any doubt that the company would go on and the studio would be better than ever, but there was certainly a time when I didn’t know how it was going to happen,” said Radenko.

Radenko and the company members kept the vision in their hearts and minds and released it to all their supporters: Cinderella would dance at the ball—Columbia’s classical company and school would be dressed in the festive finery of glimmering costume and dance to the amazement of all attending.

But Cinderella was such a mess—cinders and mud literally everywhere. Who would be the modern day fairies to miraculously get her ready for the ball?

First, local volunteers salvaged all the costumes they could from the completely mired container where they had been waiting for the first performance in October. They hand-washed these garments and re-pressed the pleats in the tutus and steamed out the final stains – hours and hours of tedious work.

 Exiled to a cramped, abandoned storefront in the troubled Richland Mall, the students and company kept dancing almost as if nothing had happened. Pouring their hearts, minds and body into the rigorous moves choreographed by guest artists, they dreamed of their return to what had been a newly remodeled studio before the flood. When severe winter weather on the East Coast closed down all forms of transportation keeping even the most hearty guest dancers from traveling to the amazing annual LifeChance charity performance, the Columbia Classical Ballet members expanded their specially choreographed dances to delight audiences and raise a significant donation to Special Olympics of South Carolina. 
But where would the money come from to rebuild the lovely studio? Thousands of dollars came in through the community’s generous giving on Insurance claims were settled. Personal investments were made. In January, the studio’s boarded doors were pried open and a dedicated crew of laborers began to skillfully transform the mud-stained space. Barely noticed, the crew from Harlequin Dance Floors pulled up the old boards and began to install an even better floor system than the one which had just been installed prior to the flood. Local craftsmen finished the building to an unparalleled state.
On March 13th the students of Pavlovich Ballet School and the company members of Columbia Classical Ballet, donned their returned dance slippers and stepped out onto the new custom floor. They pirouetted and chassed with disciplined elegance. This is their dream come true. This is their wonderful ball. Ballet is the prince of their career desire. And they can dance without fear past midnight in each other’s arms.

​Radenko, his students and all the company members of Columbia Classical Ballet bow in gratitude and thanks to each of you special ballet fairies for writing the real world Cinderella story and turning the ashes and mud of Gill’s Creek’s flood into the glory of one of the finest dance schools and companies in Columbia!

Resonance ​choreographed by Tamas Krizsa
Celebration in Requiem by Rick McCullough LifeChance
Radenko and the Cinderella Studio
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